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It’s been a while since I posted anything here. I recently started up the show again and haven’t gotten a chance to upload the archives.
Tune in to Wednesday Nights at 7, or sometimes earlier. 

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May 9, 2013
Fantasy Split releases.
Wouldn’t it be fun to hear split releases from your favorite bands? Well how much fun would it be to mix and match bands in your collection to form killer split releases?
That is exactly what I did on this episode! I put together bands that didn’t know each other, and made little virtual split releases! 
I know from the live show that this went over well, and I encourage the bands to follow through and make these splits so!
I also encourage you guys listening to put pressure on the bands to follow through. 
Before all that, I debuted The Moguls new EP, 30 Helens Agree, the new Voice of Addiction single “Juvenesence”, and The Filthy Radicals new single “Life Or Debt.” Plus a brand new artist to the show, Spiderwood.
Give it a listen! It is my best show!
The Moguls- 30 Helens Agree
Spent; Bringin’ Home The Bananas; Song For A Rebel; Chaos On The Streets; Kevin Says

Voice of Addiction- Juvenecence
The Filthy Radicals- Life Or Debt
Spiderwood- Nice Try, Wrong Guy

Fantasy Split #1
Animal Train- Drunk Punk & Pissed Off; Thin Thread; Baby Steps
Damn Broads- CTCP; Pay To Play; You’re Gonna Die

Fantasy Split #2
Empty Vessels- Everything’s About Michael Cera; Saucer Attack
Prions- Killing; Never

Fantasy Split #3
Cry Havoc!- Living On The Witch Hunt; Catch Me In The End; Calling Bullshit On Bullshit
UGLYBoNES- Wasted; Feed Me Doses; Leave Me Alone

Fantasy Split #4
Number 9 Hard- Pipebomb; Get Smashed & Party; Goddamn I’m Cool
More Beer Please- Lucy Lush; Natty Lowlife; Fallout

Fantasy Split #5
Vampirates- This Merch Is A Pipebomb; So Wrong, So Long; Eat This Song
Secondhand Destruction- Fuck Machine; Sex Slave; Eating Your Friends Is Badass

Fantasy Split #6
Yo!Scunt- Bipolar Girl; (He Beat) That Dog; Wail Loud
The Fuckers- Molly The Lesbian Party Dog; Your Dress; Satan Is My Bitch

Fantasy Split #7
The Lolligaggers- Too Young To Fuck; Ben’s Drummer Is A Big Fat Samoan; Panhandlers Blues
The Shidiots- Shiddy Day; Brainless; Your Mother Is A Cunt

Fantasy Split #8
The Loaded Nuns- Down & Out; Working Class Zero
Tiger Hellicide- Destroy Everything; Axe Murderer

Fantasy Split #9
Midnight Saints- Coproach (RPD); Calling You Out; Skate Spot
FELONY 4- Macho Man; Last Meal; Van Of Death (fucked up and played the instrumental version- oopsies)

Fantasy Split #10
KRAMER- Here We Go; Hill Stomper; I Hate Hippies
The Brewser Boys- DDFF; Whiskey Reflections; Beaten Bloody

Fantasy Split #11
The Jetbirds- New Setta Wheels; Suicide Love
The Dead Tricks- Go Go Bone Mobile; Don’t Get High (Without Me)

The Guildford Blackouts- Skunkape

gonna be talking about the next show today on Rew & Who at 4:45pm eastern. I’ll be divulging the plan…..
Come to Otto’s Shrunken Head and see it in person, or hit this link to see from home.

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This Is Now May 3, 2013

Listen to the archive by clicking this link-

This Is Now returns after a 2 month hiatus! In a new time slot. No more Sunday night shows at this time. Tune in Thursday and Friday afternoons around 1pm Eastern time.

The Bloody Muffs- Fireworks & Beer (live 2010)
Wiscoholics- Theme/You Say; Curmugeon
Prions- Never; West Wind
Al Bundies Army- Hunchback Mountain; Never Was
The Shidiots-  How Many Drinks; Over The Top
hormones- f-zero; to the 9s
The Brewser Boys- DDFF, Whiskey Reflections
Modern Action- All Ripped Up
Dan Vapid & The Cheats- Good Enough
The DUIs- Hey Fuck You
The Fuckers- Going Down On Your Sister

Gamblers Die Broke- Mama Say #2
The A-Oks- Words Are Not For Eating
Strongwater- Long Island’s Dead
Wastebasket- Skateboarding
Still Alive- Tonight’s The Night
Number 9 Hard- Pipebomb; House Party

Nosecone Prophets- Brains Out
Mr Clit & Pink Cigarettes- Drugs Make You Cute; Hyena Song; Let’s Kiss; Mother Might Be Wrong
More Beer Please- Natty Lowlife
Felony 4- No Beer Money
The Venomous Pinks- Lavern & Shirley
Weird & Pissed Off- Shut Up
Guildford Blackouts- Wasted Time
Tony Jones & The Cretin 3- Bobby’s Shed
Giraffes Eating Lions-DNR

Fucktard- Fist Fuck The Pope; Fuck The Fascist U$A
Abject- 39 Hours In Bronx Central Booking; Don’t Shit In Jail
Yo!Scunt- Bi Polar Girl; (He Beat) That Dog
Blackout Shoppers- Gas Huffer; One Way System

The Fuckers- Molly The Lesbian Party Dog; Fucking Around With Franklin; Gay Zombies; Satan Is My Bitch; Wanna Fuck Emma Watson; Your Dress; Tight Wet Pussy
Guildford Blackouts- Skunk Ape

Wiscoholics- Theme/You Say/Curmugeon
The Brewser Boys- Whiskey Reflections/DDFF
The Shidiots- Got Caught Beating It/Over The Top/How Many Drinks/The Great Movement

The Haddonfields- One Bottle/Out To Get Me
The Bloody Muffs- FOAD/Drunk Tank/Pussy Train
hormones- watch your mouth/f-zero
Mr Clit & The Pink Cigarettes- Lollipop/Ain’t Too Loose, Ain’t Too Tight

Nosecone Prophets- Brains Out
Media Control- Trophy Wife/Tight With The Money
Firecrackers- Heart Smash
16hpp- Chain Smoke
Thee Swank Bastards- What’s Your Favorite Flavor of Tang?
Cry Havoc!- We’re Fucked

Tocsin- Go!/Nobody Likes Hoes
Guildford Blackouts- Wasted Time
40oz Faceplant- Irish Song/Party All The Time
Al Bundys Army- Hunchback Mountain/Never Was/Paying For Drugs In Change
Animal Train- Mad Dash

CYCLES- Tautology/Metallurgy
Voice of Addiction- Warriors/Bombs Away
Vampirates- This Merch Is A Pipebomb/Drunk Money

Bryan Defiance Solo Acoustic Live At Ding Dong Lounge, Mar 4, 2013
I Don’t Want You Anymore/I Want To Fuck You/I Like Pussy

free music direct from bands!
The DUIs- Hey Fuck You/We Will Get Drunk
Number 9 Hard- Fuck Chicago/Pipebomb/House Party
The Jetbirds- Nuke Warm/Suicide Love
Chachi On Acid- Coffee Is Good Food/Kiss My Ass

North Of The Border Vol 1- All Canadian punk bands on oe free compilation!
Brutal Youth- XPiss & WineX
Bourbon DK- Drink & Destroy
Royal Red Brigade- A Love Radio
Class Of 1984- Strike 99
The Social Threat- Stop Taking Lives
Cliffjumper- Too Jerry Springer For Me
The Rebel Spell-No Thanks
Mad Murdocks- Going Long
Skullians- Oreo

The Moguls- Are Your Ready/Bed Intruder Song
Prions- Killing
Sexloader- Sexloader/Space Thriller
Mandatory Abortions- Fucking Descrace/Out It In Your Mouth
Girlfixer- Adddict/Hitman
Thirteen Shots- Zombies From The USSR
Raizing Hell- RocknRoll For The Dead
Trioxin Cherry- Wrong Turn

The Fuckers Super Block!
Molly The Lesbian Party Dog/Fucking Around W/Franklin/Pee In Her Butt/Your Dress/Alien Robot Zombie Bears/Going Down On Your Sister/Kill Dave Mathews/Wanna Fuck Emma Watson/Alcoholic Abortion/Anti Hipster Riot/Party In Hell/Tight Wet Pussy
The Guildford Blackouts- Skunk Ape

Probably the best show yet! So much great music!

Hour 1

Wiscoholics- Theme/You Say
Moguls- Are You Ready?/Bed Intruder Song
Pinellas- Without A Fight
The Mapes- Baby Ate My Dingo
The Jetbirds- Suicide Love

The Giggitys- 15 Minutes
The Coloffs- Out Of Nothing
The Angel Sluts- Love
KRAMER- Hill Stomper
hormones- To The 9s/Watch Your Mouth

Half Raptor- Andy Warr
FUCKTARD- Hang The Pope
Empty Vessels- Everything’s About Michael Cera
Drug Shock- Street Cred
Cry Havoc!- Living On The Witch Hunt
Tony Jones & the Cretin 3- Bathroom Floor/Bobby’s Shed

Hour 2- * starts w/a technical meltdown (to bypass the glitch, skip ahead to 1:13:15)
Cinema Cinema- Lady Abortion/Pleased To Meet You, Anesthesia
Mr Clit & The Pink Cigarettes- Drugs Make You Cute/Lollipop
Voice of Addiction- Warriors/Bombs Away
Vampirates- This Merch Is A Pipe Bomb/Drug Money
The Shidiots- Got Caught Beatin’ It/Shiddy Day/How Many Drinks
Prions- Never
The Brewser Boys- Whiskey Reflections/DDFF

Hour 3 Ladies Hour!
Metallurgy/New Media/Reception Study/Tautology/Water For Wound
Titty Twister- Bad Man/Mystery Zone
The Vaginasaurs- Crooked Tooth/Letter In The Mail
The Bloody Muffs- Bitter/Yoink
choking susan- Return Of Lemon & The Tramps/Dolly Parton
Out Of Order- Teddy Homewrecker/Gimme Noise
Animal Train- Drunk Punk & Pissed Off/Mad Dash/Thin Thread
Media Control- Tight With The Money/Quickie
Damn Broads- Pay To Play/Girl Bands Suck

Bryan Defiance’s rant about why you need to support and be involved in the DIY community.

Hour 3
Nosecone Profits- Brains Out
The Fuckers- Molly The Lesbian Party Dog/Going Down On Your Sister/Fucking Around With Franklin/Everclear Enema/Your Dress/Tight Wet Pussy
The Guildford Blackouts- Skunk Ape

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really awesome new band from Brooklyn, NY!
Check them out! Very cool band! 

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band list for fuck Febuary and fuck you

the young idea
the idiots (detroit)
40 oz of spite
murder party
J.J Jizzum
no excuse
suspect device
secondhand destruction
99 bottles
blest mess

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This Is Now presents The Pulse Of The Underground episode.
To coincide with the column I wrote in The Independent Punk zine, I am playing all 4 of the ep’s I reviewed, in their entirety! Check out the reviews as the music plays, and see if you agree. It’s on page 13.
Afterwards, the brand new 4 Way Split from Fuck Your Mom Records gets debuted, free sampler from Felony 4 and a block by the Fuckers!
Great fucking show tonight!

Wiscoholics- More Beer Needed
Theme/You Say
Lady Vodka
Tell Me What

The Shidiots/Rackatees Split 7”
The Shidiots
The Great Movement
How Many Drinks
Over The Top

The Rackatees
Brave New Wilderness

World Premier!
The Brewser Boys- Watertown Blackout
Beaten Bloody
Nuclear Winter
How Long
Knife Twisters
Whiskey Reflections

World Premier!

West Wind
Bite Your Tongue

World Premier
The Frankenstone/ The Bloody Muffs/ Mr Clit & The Pink Cigarettes/hormones- 4 Way Split

The Frankenstone
For The Dummies
Too Many Anxiety In My Life
Spend, Spend
We’re Friends We’re Gonna Stick Together

The Bloody Muffs

I Don’t Want You Anymore
Fireworks & Beer
I Want To Fuck You

Mr Clit & The Pink Cigarettes
Ain’t Too Loose, Ain’t Too Tight
Let’s Kiss
White Cow

to the 9s
chewing time
watch your mouth

Felony Four- Free Sampler
From FYM Records
Dead End
Macho Man
Van Of Death
Last Meal

The Fuckers
Molly The Lesbian Party Dog
Fucking Around With Franklin
Pee In Her Butt
Your Dress
Alien Zombie Robot Bears
Tight Wet Pussy

Unfortunately, technical difficulties cut the show short. It was kicking some serious ass, then kapoot!

Hour 1
Ridgelands-All I Want Is You
Secondhand Destruction- Fuck Machine
The Sheckies- I Need Xanax
Silverhounds- Drink Til You Die
Skum City- BJDFMB
WWIX- Destination Blackout
The Blame- Self Destruction Day
Guildford Blackouts- Wasted Time

Bringing It Back Vol 2 Promo Segment
Voice of Addiction- Wrecking Ball
Common Enemy- Hey Kid Wake Up
Brutally Frank- Lay Down & Die
Benedict Arnold- Shut In
The DUI’s- Hey Fuck You
Vampirates- This Merch Is A Pipebomb
Number 9 Hard- Brew City Punks
The Horny Bitches- Your Ass Is A Storage Room
The Jetbirds- Suicide Love
The Lolligaggers- Ben’s Drummer Is A Big Fat Samoan
The Panty Liners- Panty Liners Stomp
Whiskey & Speed- Wet & Waiting/Girl For A Psycho

Hour 2
The Shidiots/Rackatees 7” World Premier

The Shidiots- How Many Drinks/Over The Top/The Great Movement
The Rackatees- Brave New Wilderness/Managers

More New Releases
Wiscoholics- Theme/You Say/Lady Vodka/Curmugeon/Tell Me What/D-R-U-N-K
The Moguls- Are You Ready/I Rule The World/Why Won’t They Leave Me Alone/The End
Backslide- Brutal Existence/Can’t Go Back/How Long
IDFK- Your Bad News/Joe Queer II/I’m Not A Fruit/Potty Mouth
Animal Train- Thin Thread
Ask The Dead- So It Goes/Vampire Hours
Tony Jones & the Cretin 3- Bobby’s Shed

then the whole thing went to shit! See you next week.